Hello friend,

I am Andrew Kim, freelance designer and illustrator based in Sydney.

Little Bio

I'm passionate about all aspects of design, from the micro scale (furniture and everyday objects) to the macro scale (public spaces and the city we live in). I strongly believe that we must be environmentally responsible about whatever we design or build.

As a freelance graphic designer, I've helped several small businesses with the design and development of their brand (including logos, websites and print media), as well as with interior design.

I also illustrate for magazines and journals and I've showcased my work in both shared and solo exhibitions.

My other projects include developing an iPhone app, self-publishing zines, and running an online reviews website.


Bachelor of Engineering (Honours I) / Bachelor of Design in Architecture, University of Sydney


Sydney, Australia


English, Korean, French


Cycling, reading

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I am available for freelance work.