Showcase of the diverse range of creative projects that I've been involved with.

Design Clients

Veronica Alonzo

Poster and logo design for a performer

Architecture for Humanity

Poster design for park(ing) day.

OK Aircon

Logo, business card and website design for OK Aircon

Fine Arts Society

Rebranding Fine Arts Society - logo, tshirts, posters and more.

French Society

Rebranding French Society - logo, poster, and editorial design

Ni Hao Pyrmont

Logo and menu design, curation of photos for a Chinese restaurant

My season

Shop fitout design for a Chinese take-away

265 Cafe

Logo design for a cafe in Wynyard

Creative Lab

October Sailing

I write about life.


I judge books, films and music.

Winter Sea

I compose beautifully depressing songs.



Comics for Honi Soit (Sydney University journal).

Please don't step

My artwork for an art intervention workshop.

Zine Pool

A group of friends who make pretty zines.


Created an iOS app with my friend.


Photoshoots of my friend.

Invisible Spaces

Photos of forgotten spaces which I find somehow poetic.


Tensegrity Design Framework

My engineering honours thesis.


Architectural and structural design for the head office of an online bookstore.

Yarra Bank

Transforming the Yarra River into an exciting kid friendly river bank.

Marrickville Communal Canopy

Converting a carpark into a community centre using sustainable design principles.


From ruin to a cinematheque.

Yaralla Scouts Hall

Timber multipurpose hall orientating to the river.