March 26, 2015

The internet is your frenemy

My own blogging guideline on what is acceptable and unacceptable


Blogging = everybody in this world can read your post (incl. your past/current/future boss, colleagues and friends)

An article by Daily Post prompted me to think about how much of my personal life I should reveal on this particular blog. Before this one, I had a blog that I kept for 6 years. However because I kept blurring the lines of privacy, it was starting to complicate my personal life and so I decided to close that blog down.

And so for this blog I have created rules for myself to define what is acceptable and unacceptable on this blog.


  • Constructive critique of almost everything
  • Using acronym / pseudonym or alias to mention my friends


  • Talk about my relationships
  • Religious opinions
  • Revealing my family and friend’s full names and personal lives
  • Bitching about my colleagues / friends / boss

With that said, I fully intend to express my thoughts in the most honest manner. My colleague once said to me that I should be the same person at work as I am at home (with there being boundaries of course). That is what I exactly intend to do here. If my future HR / employer / client reads my blog and doesn’t like what they read, then be it. If they do like what they read, then excellent… tent fingers

Publicly posting on the internet is becoming second nature to everyone so people are starting to post all sort of non-sense on social media.

In addition, I would like to publicly promise on this blog that I will not:

  • Post about how angry I was because my soy latte was not hot enough, or
  • Upload selfies trying on different clothes in dressing rooms, or
  • Congratulate myself for deleting friends on facebook or
  • Post the most boring attention seeking comments such as “i am bored”.

Instead, I would like to harness the power of internet to connect with other people through meaningful comments and interactions. And to achieve this, it is only necessary that the October Sailing be my finest curation of my carefully formulated thoughts.

I’m an optimist – I trust that the internet will be good to me if I use it right.

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