Aug. 2, 2015

Travelling lightly

List of things I took when I travelled to the US.

I am back in Sydney after four weeks of travelling in the US. Before I left, I decided that this time, I would travel with just my blue backpack – and mission accomplished.

Excluding the clothes I was wearing (1 t-shirt, 1 long sleeve collared shirt and 1 pants), I packed into the bag the following:

  • 1 other tshirts
  • 1 sleeping tshirt
  • 1 pants
  • 1 sleeping pants
  • 5 undies
  • 5 pairs of socks
  • laptop
  • camera
  • toiletries
  • New York guide book
  • “Just Kids” by Patti Smith Book
  • 1 Kindle
  • electronic cables (mobile phone charger, laptop…)
  • passport etc

And that was it.

Carrying only the essentials made my travels extremely easy. At all times, I knew exactly where my valuables were. And because I had to consider the limited space inside my bag, it also made me buy very little. All I bought for myself was one black ceramic mug in New York (to be added to my ceramic collection), a small black messenger bag, a poetry book and postcards. No clothes!

I brought back along with me the same backpack I took and a new messenger bag. We really don’t need a lot to travel with.

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